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  • General Surgery: Performed thousands of surgeries in (1) esophageal cancer (via left and right thoracotomy), (2) gastric cancer (mostly cardia cancer via left thoracotomy in over 100 cases), (3) colorectal cancer and (4) breast cancer. Also conducted benign thyroid, hydatid cyst, ano-rectal diseases, hernia repair, pilonidal cyst and emergency surgeries.
  • Hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) Surgery: Performed more than 200 pancreatic surgeries of which 150 cases are Whipple operations.
  • Gastrointestinal endoscopy: Performed over 10,000 gastroscopies, 3,000 colonoscopies and 1,500 ERCPs.
  • Highly experienced in interventional endoscopy including polypectomy, sclerotherapy, PEG, band ligation, miscellaneous dilatations, stent applications, EMR and ESD.
  • Highly skilled in medical & surgical R&D: Developed a new technique in laparoscopic cholecystectomy which prevents accidental injuries to the bile duct during surgery.
  • Well-published in medicine: Author/coauthor of 12 international and 25 national refereed journal articles, one (1) book chapter, translator of seven (7) book chapters and editor of two (2) books.
  • Teaching & Thesis Supervision: As an adjunct professor taught 10 courses and supervised and co-supervised six (6) PhD theses.