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Dr. Hamid AYDIN was born in 1969. He finished Batman Petrol Primary school, Ataturk High School in Ankara and was graduated from Dicle University Medicine Faculty. He started his professional career as medical doctor in Adıyaman Kahta and continued in Kusadasi in 1994. He began to work on Free Medicine together with Tourism Medicine and since 2000 he started his activities on Aesthetics and Beauty sectors in Kusadasi and Izmir. After being educated in Acupuncture Specialist Trainng Course in Medicine Faculty of Yeditepe University he found opportunity to work on health, diet and weight loss as important fields in human aesthetics. Dr. Hamid AYDIN participated as a guest in many TV channels, presented TV programs, regularly writes articles in newspapers, magazines, internet sites and international issues. Dr. Hamid AYDIN is a Chief of Staff in Estetistanbul Medical Center in Istanbul and is also the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Golden Horn University.

الخلفية الطبية

  • 1987-1993: التعليم الطبي
  • • 1993-1994: خدمة أديامان كاهتا الإجبارية
  • 1994-2007: Aydin Kusadasiı Pilot Health Medical Center 1
  • • 1995-2005: طب السياحة
  • • 1998: برنامج شهادة الطب في مكان العمل
  • • 2003-2006: برامج التدريب على طب الطوارئ
  • • 2004-2011: برامج التدريب الجمالي الطبي
  • • 2004-2011: برامج تدريب الميزوثيرابي
  • • 2004-2011: برامج التدريب على البوتوكس
  • • 2004: برامج التدريب على إزالة الشعر بالليزر
  • • 2005: برامج التدريب على طريقة زراعة الشعر FUE

المنشورات والبرامج: